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HASTEN depends solely upon your tithes and offerings. Please consider any one-time pledge in an area of your interest or to our general fund. Over 30 years of experience have taught us it is best to allow the indigenous Christians to tell us what their needs are for supplies and purchases. Due to cost of shipping and customs regulations it is more economical to send funds rather than material goods. Your dollars make the difference.


Support a school-aged child which costs $200 a month


Pastor’s Salary: $400 month

10 Church pews: $200 each

Electric Water Pump: $3000

Shona Bibles (Zimbabwe spoken language): $40 each


Medical Supplies: $500 month


Church travel expenses: $250 month

Dominican Republic

New Church Van: $40,000

Medical Supplies: $500 month


Interested in volunteering?

HASTEN has multiple projects and can use your help. Volunteers are self-supported through their local churches and communities. If you would join this wonderful work, please contact us through our email at: