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Mission Fields

Ladies at a Hasten medical facility.

Ladies at a Hasten medical facility.

dominican republic

For over 25 years HASTEN has worked intensely with Dr. Pena Dume in the Dominican Republic. Dr. Dume is a certified ophthalmologist who is also a wonderful church builder, pastor, and father. His pediatrician daughter, Joanel, and sons who are both in medicine have a new HASTEN-funded clinic. It should be noted that this structure took over 10 years to find and purchase.

Here they take care of the underprivileged, those who are poor, and on Sundays the clinic is converted into a Christian church with a sanctuary, Sunday school rooms, and preaching.

Dr. Dume and his wife Doloris host visiting missionaries, manage several Christian outreach programs, such as clinics and Christian camps. He is the leader of the Minister’s Association for the whole country. He travels extensively for the churches and camps, as well as works out solutions to problems as they arise.

We are truly blessed by this wonderful family. The next time you plan to go the Dominican Republic, give him a call…you too will be blessed.

Indian children

Indian children


People in India know many gods and goddesses, but not about the true and living God who has risen. It is our duty to tell them. We are thankful to you for joining hands for this great task.

The number of patients increases every day. In 2018, 32,200 skin or eye medical treatments were performed as well as 900 surgeries. This opens the door to witness our faith in Christ.

In our schools we teach over 350 children. The children learn songs, Bible stories, alphabets and numbers in both English and Hindi.

In our vocational training schools over 50 young women are learning computer skills and sewing and stitching. The young men are learning fish, goat and poultry farming. Other vocational training skills are in the process of being developed.

Through the medical work, schools, vocational training, and benevolent homes many lives are being touched and healed by the love of Christ. We have eight rural churches, and people are coming to learn about the word of God.

We are doing all these to glorify the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and to serve mankind.

— Drs. David and Sunisha Henry

Dr. Dennis Pruett cutting the ribbon.

Dr. Dennis Pruett cutting the ribbon.


In 2003, during the HASTEN board meeting, Frances Nash presented a plan for a joint venture…….a new church with the Christians there (“workers for Mexico”) and a Christian clinic sponsored by HASTEN. As this challenge was presented, our interest grew. The board took a trip to Monclova, Mexico. There we found a desperate need for Christian witness, clinics to augment this opportunity, and a local interest that was uplifting.

After the first clinic was built, a newer second one emerged. Local physicians oversee the work, while the local pastor spreads God’s message. Now all buildings are used for either Christian medical work or church-related functions, such as Sunday schools and Christian elementary classrooms.

Christians of all ages.

Christians of all ages.


Haiti Medical Center

Haiti Medical Center


Dr. Daniel Alophe is the medical director of the Living Waters Christian Center in Gonaives. He sees dozens of patients daily, witnessing to each of them. Dr. Dan has weekly services with many new baptisms into Christ. The churches average over 800 people for worship each week. The clinic opened full time in December 2012.

To quote Salonique, the administrator of the mission, “Dr. Dan is always on call. He always does this with much care, and does it all with a minister’s heart. Best of all, Dr. Dan is a Christian leader. He teaches Sunday School and leads the singing. He works with over 50 teenagers every week. He has not only taught them about the Bible, but also about life.”

“The clinic is a real blessing to the community but it still struggles to keep up with the demand. Visiting medical teams are still needed to provide additional or specialized care. Donation of medical supplies are always appreciated, as well as financial gifts. Everyone can help in some way to support the clinic and its goal of providing Christian compassion through medicine.” - Dr. Dan

Odzi Church of Christ

Odzi Church of Christ


HASTEN is proud to announce the completion of its latest project in Zimbabwe. Aside from numerous Christian clinics around the globe, we decided to build a church building for Augustine Makuku.

Mr. Augustine has been the chaplain at Mashoko Christian Hospital for nearly 30 years. Located deep in the Mashonaland district of southeastern Zimbabwe, in the little township of Odzi, the local Church purchased 3 acres of prime land. His dream of retiring to a new church near his home village prompted HASTEN to act.

What we need for the new Church:

10 steel pews

$400 per month for the pastor’s salary

With prayer and your generosity, both will happen. Please consider us in your plans.




The Dama Christian Church and Clinic, run by HASTEN, serves 50,000 people in this desolate region of Zimbabwe.

We are very excited to be part of this growing essential work.

Many have come to Christ over the last year as the direct result of your support and prayer.

Deep in the heart of southern Africa,
there is a land that seems to have broken all the rules…
A world of natural beauty.”

The people are loving and friendly. Helping one’s neighbor is a way of life, not a one-time action. Violent crime is rare. Education is paramount in the minds of parents—almost 80% of those under 40 years of age have gone to school for at least 4 years. Most important, the spiritual needs of these good people cry out for something more that the ancestral worship so common in this part of the world. Almost 100 years ago this situation was seen by the Christians, especially those of the New Zealand Church of Christ. In a remote area of southeastern Zimbabwe they built schools and offered medicine. Malaria was controlled, sleeping sickness lessened, and many tropical diseases were declining.

Today, after 30 years of independence, the people have not changed. Economic woes plague this little nation of Zimbabwe, about the size of Texas, and many of the diseases are slowly beginning to return, but all in all the fields are white unto harvest. Now, under the leadership of Hippo Valley Christian Mission, some 17,000 students hear God’s word daily. HASTEN, committed to evangelism via Christian doctors, nurses and clinics, opened the door for even more to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

In the last year we have constructed a building that will allow God’s message to be heard for years to come. We are in the process of restructuring and modernizing medical and Christian missions such as Damarakanaka (“Dama”), and numerous churches through the vision of Dr. Pruett. A fine Christian physician, Dr. Zindoga Bungu, is the medical director for widely separated labors of love.

The health of the children is paramount.

Help us. Please help us do God’s command of preaching, teaching, and baptizing those whose heart is open. We work daily to keep this commission; you too can be a part. We need to raise another $5,000 per month for the opportunities. The short clip on this page will introduce you to some of our projects. Together we can change the world.
I pray that you read on in this website to see what we are doing. All is to His glory, in whose name these words are written.